Homeless follows three young friends from the former Danish colony Greenland, as they struggle to exist on the streets of Copenhagen. For Norto, Emil and Nuka, self-destruction has become a means of survival – but each man harbours his own dream of getting out. Norto wants to go home. Emil wants to get clean. Nuka’s escape is more final.

Homeless takes us under the skin of these young men in their everyday confrontations with police and authorities, their heart-wrenching phone calls with loved ones back home, their explosions of desperate rage – but also deep moments of tenderness in their self-appointed family. And throughout it all: a deep desire to belong. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen / Cinematographer: Minka Jakerson / Editor: Jeppe Bødskov / Sound design: Sylvester Holm & Frank Knudsen / Composer: Mark Solborg / Produced by: Nature&Science
Duration: 55:30′
Year: 2010