Days of Hope

Harouna, a young artist from the coastal town Nouadhibou in Mauretania, West Africa, has left his wife and child in hope of safety and more opportunities for the three of them. In Italy, a group of asylum seekers live in a prison-like centre, uncertain about their futures in Europe. In Copenhagen we meet a group of people who may have reached the promised land, but live in constant search for the money that their families expect them to send home.

With rawness and dignity, Days of Hope presents personal experiences of migration and the obstacles faced by African immigrants in Europe.

Director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen / Cinematographer: Minka Jakerson / Editor: Jeppe Bødskov / Sound design: Sylvester Holm & Frank Knudsen / Composer: Davide Rossi / Produced by: Bullitt Film
Duration: 75′
Year: 2013